Who Are We?

Insight is a new dedicated division of TSM Control Systems (TSM) to pursue develop, adopt and utilize industry 4.0 technology within and beyond the TSM Group.

TSM has been in business for over 40 years and is a manufacturer of gravimetrics and materials handling equipment to the global plastics industry. As part of TSM’s continuous research and development strategy Industry 4.0 technologies such as augmented reality, rapid proto-typing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have been continuously evaluated and in the course of our relentless search for new value streams to bring to the Plastics Industry.

Back in 2015 feedback from client base across the globe lead us to identify a desire amongst plastics processors for machinery builders like to TSM to deliver more than just machines, more than project management more than turn key suppliers. Plastics processors signalled that they wanted a greater level of understand of their business in real time at the tips of their fingers.

IIoT-based technology is the foundation for a whole new business opportunity from our existing install base of machinery customers and beyond through Insight; it is transforming our traditional products’ value to clients and non-TSM devices. The demand in the marketplace is for increased visibility and measurability of production process.

It was this market demand that lead to formation of a dedicated research and development team towards pursuing this market demand that lead to Insight being formed.

Insight has been deliberately separated from our heritage as a machine builder to allow dedicated resources to be allocated to tasks at hand with the world class skills and vast experience to lead and govern the divisions activities. We understand the challenge of adopting Industry 4.0 technology in manufacturing environments and have developed a three step process to help focus value delivering activities from the beginning.

We envisage this new technology to have a revolutionary effect within the plastics industry, from efficiency gains to business model transformation. We believe that industry 4.0 adoption is and will continue to be essential for manufacturing in the future.