How We Work

Our Process: 3 Steps to Value; Engage, Execute & Empower.

People are at the core of every business and engagement of people within every business is the cornerstone of generating new value for the business. No external business can transform another business without the support and engagement from within the business itself.


Engage: Our process starts with engaging your team to identify what are the key objectives for the business when embarking on their digital transformation.

During these sessions we will bring suggestions based on our teams vast knowledge and understanding of plastics process technology of what value can be realised for your company.

The outcomes we will deliver on by the end of this stage:

-Key value drivers and target timelines to be delivered on for the company

-Audit of the factories OT technology & IT network for data sources

-Identify communicate to key stake holders their role in the project


Execute: During this step we get to work on the designing, planning and executing the technical solution that will be required for the key value drivers to be met.

We will develop a phased role out plan of technical solutions in conjunction with nominated technical resources within the company to ensure we execute a system in line with delivering on identified value drivers.

As with so many of the Industry 4.0 technology this technical landscape and hence solution will be from the beginning -and continue to be an ever-evolving moving landscape. We understand one size does not fit all clients and based on our heritage from the OT world we are confident we can meet the technical demands based on our teams experience. Our solutions will be chosen based on best in class technology and our belief to keep things beautifully simple.

The outcomes we will deliver from this stage are:

-Develop a blueprint for the technical solution

-Document a phased role out plan of the technical solution

-Execute the core elements of the technical solution in line with role out plan


Empower: By far the most important stage of the process in our belief is the empowerment stage.

During this stage we will use a very simple model during the empowerment stage of; Visualise, Analyse and Optimize to empower your people.

We will work with the company’s key stakeholders to rigorously challenge our solution vetting the information we are displaying and ensuring all data is accurate, real-time and relevant to each level of the organisation.

  • Visualize: Based on the key value drivers we will help each audience within your organisation to visualise the information that is relevant to their role from CEO to Machine Operator.

We have seen that is during this phase excitement really grows within companies as light bulbs come on across every level of the company for the possibilities in the future.


  • Analyse: During this phase based on continuous feedback and leveraging the power of our platform we will look to offer analysis tools to enrich the power of the platform for each audience within the company.


Our suite of analysis tools we use on our cloud platform can enable vast investigation of data collect from multiple dimensions far beyond traditional analysis tools with a fraction of the time and effort.



  • Optimize: This final phase of empowerment is where Industry 4.0 technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence amongst machines is utilized for further empowerment of your people.

Using cloud based big data technology our platform can volunteer and in fact implement improvements autonomously within the factory environment however we believe this is something that needs serious consideration before being utilized on a client by client basis.